Broiler Concentrate

Specially formulated and uniquely enriched with performance enhancing additives for making broiler feed (both broiler starter mash and broiler finisher mash). Hendrix broiler concentrate is used to mix a complete feed for the grower birds (from day 8 up-to 5 weeks ). Maize bran and broken maize are the only ingredients added to this product in well standardized quantities to make the complete feed. This has helped many farmers from using counterfeit (adulterated or poor) feed ingredients from the Local sellers which would make them not realize the better and expected birds' performance (growth and laying). In addition, the good and attractive aromatic broiler concentrate elegantly contains: Intellibond, fysal, AO-Mix (reduces mental disorders thus, it is an Anti-oxidant which fight toxic elements released from the body called radicals), among other things. Nevertheless it being imported, farmers still realize good profits thus, it's pocket friendly .

Hendrix Broiler Concentrate (20 - 25%)

 0-6 Days7-21 Days22 Days to End
Hendrix Broiler Concentrate 25%50kgs50kgs
Broken Maize150kgs150kgs
Maize Bran50kgs
Chicken care - Pre Starter feeds50kgs
Total Feed50kgs200kgs250kgs

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