Pig Concentrate

Pig Concentrate is formulated to be mixed with other farm grains to provide a nutritionally balanced diet containing essential nutrients such as protein, energy, vitamins and minerals suitable for growing pigs. Hendrix pig concentrate is another quality product imported by Champrisa Int. Ltd from Trouw nutrition, Netherlands. It's been applauded & embraced by a number of pig farmers testifying to have an early market weight pig (pork weight) i.e approximately 46kgs live body weight at 3 months of age consuming only 1kg feed a day. In addition, this product contains lysine, etc crucial amino acids for the faster growth of piglets & better future performance. Miraculously, the same product is mixed using diverse formulae when making creep, fattening & gestation or breeding feeds, thus saving on feed expenses (when different unapproved poor ingredients are locally used) since it takes over 60% of production cost. Use Hendrix pig concentrate & harvest early profits in your piggery farming .

Hendrix Pig Formular

 Creep (1 - 3 months)Fattening (4 - 5 Months)Fattening ( 6 months - Sale )Gestation replacement location
Hendrix Pig Concentrate 22%2213.51210
Broken Maize41
Maize Bran378585.580
Lime Shell1.52.52
Total Feed (kg)100100100100

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